• Another More Than A Game Season Ends

    Here are some favorites from the final weeks of this year's More Than a Game photo column. I can't believe how quickly the season went by this year. Looking forward to combinig the two years into an overall project. I'm already bored with empty Friday nights. 

  • More Than A Game...Update 2

    In the last few weeks I've opened recruitment mail with one of Hillsborough's top recruits, visited a grandfather's grave, watched a coach get his first victory after two seasons and saw a freshman squirm while his chest was painted. More updates to come soon! Can't believe it's almost playoffs! 

  • More Than A Game...Year Two

    More Than A Game...year two. I don't think when I started this column last year, I believed I would make it past the first few weeks, let alone an entire season and make it to a second year. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been welcomed into the Hillsborough county football community. This year, I really listened to the critiques I received about the project and have made an effort to find stories far removed from the field, that aren't even shot on Friday nights. 

    Having moved around so much the last two years, I haven't seen a community in a full year since I lived in Missouri. I'm so happy I have the opportunity to continue to build relationships with coaches, players, parents and fans in Tampa. It's nice new feeling to be remembered as "camera girl" when I visit old teams from last year and continue to meet new ones as I grow the column. 

    So far this year, I have jumped from 20ft branches on giant trees into rivers, read bedtime stories with coaches, witnessed surprise uniforms, heard referee speeches, and attended church services with a sledge hammer...and it's only week 5. 

  • Hillsborough Football Preview

    It's football season folks. Which means that for me, every Friday night feels like I'm a small child waking up on Christmas morning. Besides starting my column More Than A Game and shooting games, I was a part of a team that photographed about 35 high school football teams in the Tampa Bay Times studio. The theme for the shoot was photo booths and the kids, while listening to old school hip-hop had a lot of fun with it.

  • The Clanton Family

    The Clanton family has been through a lot the past couple of years. Two of their children were in a stroller by the Erie Canal last year and the stoller went into the canal, an 18 foot drop. Their father jumped in after them, and while the little boy Samuel was okay after the fall, Selah wasn't. After severe brain trauma, the family requires 24-hour nursing care for Selah to help get through the day. The family has 5 children, 3 of them adopted and 4 of them blind. Now, their health insurance is threating to not help them pay for 24-hour nursing help. 

    I am so glad I got the opportunity to spend a long afternoon with this family. I can't wait to make the trip back up to Zephyrhills and spend more time with them again soon. 

  • They Are Family

    For the past few months, I have been working on a project with staff photographer Chris Zuppa about gay marriage in the Tampa Bay area to go along with the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Prop 8. We spent time with 4 families around the area, documenting their lives and discussing what equality means to them. As journalists, we have the challenge of showing how a national story will affect members of our community. Zuppa and I felt this was a great way to show our readers how these decision will impact our area.

    Thanks to Joe, Steve, Phil, Ed, Sharon, Robyn, Danielle and Fredericka for opening up their lives and allowing us to hang out and photograph their lives.